About Us

What is Console Nebula?

Console Nebula is a neat little package of all things to enhance your profession, your business and your agency.


Nebula is Console’s premier event of the year, made exclusively for key people and influencers in the property management community. This is an event to experience, and to inspire you. It might even change your perspective.


Console Nebula delivers real estate professionals with short courses and micro certificates to grow their careers. We partner with industry thought leaders and innovative companies to produce the best learning and insights on demand.


We bring together business leaders across the real estate and proptech community to collaborate, share knowledge, offer training and networking opportunities. Check out our events page including our flagship Nebula event, our educational courses and our preferred partners pages.

About Console

For almost 30 years, Console has been known to create dependable and leading property management and trust accounting software for real estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand.

We’ve continued to reach new frontiers in advanced trust accounting software, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in end-to-end property management solutions. Console Cloud, our flagship platform is leading the way, reinventing the way properties are managed, with growth and scalability in mind. We’ve achieved this by staying true to principles of quality design, and by working collaboratively with our customers.

We do not intend to slacken the pace. Console continues to create trailblazing software, apps  and programs like Console Nebula to support the property or asset manager of today. 

Console is changing what software can do, so property managers can achieve what they never thought possible.

Learn more about our property management software.