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Listening to real estate podcasts while exercising or commuting is a great way to stay up-to-date with industry news, learn new tricks, and continue to educate yourself on the real estate business while on the go.

However, you’ve probably met the same issue: nowadays, everyone (and their granny) has a podcast. Sifting through all the chaff to find the right ones will eat up all that time you’re trying to save, not to mention the frustration of listening to bad advice.

Luckily for you, we’ve been following quite a few real estate podcasts for Australian agents. Even better, we’ve compiled a list of 9 recommendations to which you can subscribe in order to get the highest quality info in the industry. We’ve also included a few recommended episodes from each show to help you board the train as quickly as possible.

Let’s start.

Michael Yardney’s Podcast

Michael Yardney’s Property Update has been in the business for quite some time (from 2001, really). That’s a lot of years and experience under his belt. It’s not surprising, then, that his podcast is quite popular with real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand.

The podcast deals not only in real estate, but also in investing, finances, money, and success in general. Oftentimes, you can listen to Michael Yardney by himself, and other times, he’s joined by renowned experts in the field, sharing some quality advice.  So—subscribe and start listening.

Recent episodes we recommend:

High Performance with Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips

Josh and Alexander want to help you dramatically increase your performance and productivity as a real estate agent. Having in mind that they are both very highly-ranked professionals in the industry they might just pull that off. What we know is that their show is ripe with useful info on property management, the real estate industry trends, and a plethora of tips you can use to stay on top of your game.

You can find and subscribe to their show here. Our recommendations:

7 Figure Attraction Agent & Million Dollar Agent podcasts by Tom Panos

Tom Panos has been involved in the real estate industry for the past 3 decades, so it’s safe to say that he knows what he is talking about. He also does training sessions on all the important aspects of this business, and has a program called Real Estate Gym, which is the best way to have a four-eye session with him personally.

It’s needless to say that his podcasts are rich with actionable advice, tips, and tricks that can radically improve your performance as a real estate agent. To add 7 Figure Attraction Agent and Million Dollar Agent to your podcast player head on to their respective webpages by clicking on the links.

Make sure to check out the following episodes from the two shows:

Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Talk

Real Estate Talk is a website dedicated to—you’ve guessed it—being your trusted source on real estate advice and news. The website covers news and advice on all sides of the aisle, from landlords, to property managers, and finally, tenants.

In order to access the podcast, check the webpages tagged with ‘podcast’ here.

We believe the following episodes will be of special interest to real estate agents:

Profitable Property Management

If you are an entrepreneur who refuses to settle, this might just be the show for you. Its host, Jordan Muela, makes sure to interview world-class entrepreneurs and industry experts each week. They share actionable insights to help you build a more profitable property management business.

You can access the latest 25 episodes on his website. There you can also supply your email so that you can receive new episodes whenever Jordan publishes them. From the most recent episodes we recommend:

  • No. 98: Systems, Success and Seminars with Paul Kankowski
  • No. 94: The Power of No
  • No. 88: How is the Relationship Between Tech and Real Estate Changing?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide you with a direct link to these episodes, but you can easily have a listen directly on the website.

Secrets of the Top 100 Agents

Real Estate Business’ Secrets of the Top 100 Agents is a podcast focused on interviewing experts in the field. Virtually every episode is focused on a conversation with a top-performing professional, who shares their insights and advice to help you be a better real estate agent.

If you listen carefully, you will surely catch some invaluable advice on how to kill the market here, so make sure to head on and subscribe here. Also, make sure to check these episodes:

The Elevate Podcast by Elite Agent

Elite Agent’s The Elevate Podcast is another quality real estate podcast we definitely encourage you to subscribe to. Every episode is different, often featuring behind-the-scenes coaching, news analysis, exclusive interviews, technology, and a lot more. The guests on the show are happy to share all this with you, and host Samantha McLean tags along and guides them through a great show.

This show is very current and deals with everyday issues a lot of real estate agents are facing, so make sure to subscribe and have a listen. Our recommendations:

Real Estate Pros

The Real Estate Pros podcast is created and hosted by Stepps, an Australian digital marketing company focused on real estate.  They deal with the whole process of real estate marketing, from A to Z, to help agencies and real estate professionals tackle the market more successfully, attract more homeowners, and increase profit.

Their podcast focuses on all the current trends in real estate, from Artificial Intelligence, branding, and digital marketing, to social media approaches, improving search engine rankings, and business models. 

If you are into this (and who isn’t?), head onto their website and check out the show. Notable episodes:

Coach Tom Ferry and Tom Ferry Show

Finally, we have coach Tom Ferry’s Tom Ferry Podcast and Tom Ferry Show. The first is a proper podcast, while the latter is a video show on YouTube. In both of these, though, Tom shares his advice on real estate, and also stages interviews with many knowledgeable guests. What characterizes his approach to property management is that he’s a resolute supporter of the human touch in all real estate agents do. This can be in-person (or now video) communication, overcommunicating, being candid and fact-driven, and making sure your clients know what’s going on with you.

You can check out the podcast or you can subscribe to his YouTube channel. Choose whatever fits you best (or maybe both).

Podcast episode to check:

YouTube episodes to check:

So we’ve come to the end of our list of podcast recommendations for real estate agents. There’s something for everyone here. Of course, one can find plenty more real estate podcast producers in Australia, and globally. But we think these will cover all your bases and provide you with an abundance of quality material to keep yourself informed and ahead of the curve.

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