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In 2020, marketing has video spelled all over it—that much is certain, and for businesses in the real estate and property management industry it’s certainly no different. We already covered some ideas about video-making for real estate managers. But many (if not most) of them require professional equipment and video production teams, not to mention that whole post-production ordeal. 

This does not mean, however, that you have to spend a substantial amount of money just to include a simple property video in your property listings, or even that you have to employ anyone other than yourself. Because, let’s be real, property videos don’t exactly need to be fit for the Oscars, and to make one, you just need the right tools and the right expectations.

The programming world has delivered several video making and editing apps that may do wonders for you, and which don’t require you to go back to school (for video production).

Will you revolutionize video marketing with your app-made video? No. But you might, instead, add several tens of new clients. Wants some proof? 52% of marketing professionals worldwide list video as having the best ROI, and 58% of buyers expect to see video of the home they are looking at online.

And that, we believe, is a fair trade.

Splice (iOS)

Splice is an amazing and free app that allows you to become the video director you dreamed about becoming. It’s small, with a sleek UI, and with many options to edit videos in any manner possible: cut, paste, transition, fade in/out, and much more. 

Splice also lets you mix one, two or more audio tracks together; and it even allows for automatic video synchronisation to your music.

Of course, like any serious video editing app, Splice has plenty of filters to apply. But its magic doesn’t stop there. You can also adjust background colours and the orientation of the video; add title slides, text overlays, intros and outros, slip speed… there’s so much this awesome little app can do. And finally, if you only have a bunch of photos (or want to add a photo or two to your video), you can present them with automated pan-and-zoom effects.

We mentioned that the app is free, but if you want to use its more advanced options—like access to a plethora of soundtracks to edit your videos on—you have to get the paid subscription. That being said, Splice is a great option to put your video-making skills on test—and impress those would-be clients even without that. No wonder it was declared The Best Video Editor for iPhone by Lifehacker in 2015, and also got the Gold Award that same year.

Pricing: free to download, but to actually use the features you need to subscribe to Splice and its Movie creator and clip editing features, which starts at $1.99.

Magisto (iOS)

Imagine this. You have a bunch of well-recorded videos and pictures, and you want to make a video promoting your company. But the price of video productions across the country is a bit too steep. What do you do? You sign up to Magisto and let its AI overlords do the work!

We’re dead serious. It’s a video marketing platform that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). You simply upload your videos and photos, choose an editing style, and Magisto does its magic cooking—delivering a fresh-baked video at the end. 

Yeah, we know that some of these prices might seem a bit expensive. But nobody said you have to wait for ideas to pop up for a year, right? Do some brainstorming and buy the yearly subscription (as the monthly subscription increases to double the price) once you have a few developed video ideas, so you can make all of them come to life during that year. Create so much material that it might last you for the next 2 to 5 years.

In all respects, if you’re lacking (or don’t want to engage with) a professional video creation studio, Magisto is the way to go. Oh, and before we go to the next item, Magisto has a dedicated webpage for real estate that guides you through the process of creating property video in 3 simple steps.

Pricing: Depending on your subscription model you can have videos of different sizes and formats. Starting at $4.99/month (in the yearly subscription plan) you get to make videos with a maximum length of 2:30 minutes. $10/month get you 5 minutes and 720p downloads. And finally, $35/month gets you 10 minutes, 1080p, and a wealth of royalty-free video clips and photos to use in your videos.

Instagram (iOS / Android / etc.)

Chances are, you and your company do have Instagram profiles. While Instagram started as a picture-centric platform, recently it has developed in a huge repository for short-length videos. Well, maybe not that recently, as the video feature was introduced in 2013. What’s recent, though, is the sheer amount of videos and photos produced for the platform—more than 100 million each day on average in 2020.

But don’t think you’ll be lost in the forest with so many videos and photos around. If you’ve noticed yourself opening the app and browsing the onslaught of pictures and videos you know that users go through tens, and some even hundreds of pics and videos in their daily use. And you won’t be the first that thought about it either—as 66% of real estate marketers are using it for promotion.

Instagram also helps content creators do exactly that—create content. Since we’re talking about video, it bears to say that there’s no shortage of tools and apps that can help you create and edit videos for it. A simple YouTube search for ‘video editing for Instagram’ gives tens upon tens of results. But the apps themselves also let you do some basic video editing, like recording, stabilisation, and applying filters. You can also use IGTV to post long-form (up to an hour) vertical videos. 

Instagram is a platform that is bent on conquering the world and keeping its users entertained, so it’s the perfect place for your video marketing ideas to see the light of day (or the Insta square).

Pricing: free.

Videoshop (iOS / Android)

Videoshop is a really powerful app for real estate right now. Basically, whatever you can do in classic video editing applications, like transitions, cropping, trimming, merging, text and voice-overs, sound effects, and applying filters—it can be done in Videoshop. 

You can also speed videos up and down in particular moments or in general – this gives you the opportunity to emphasise certain parts when you’re presenting a property in your video, for example. Videoshop is available for both iOS and Android, so give it a try.

Pricing: Monthly Videoshop Pro licence goes for $5.99 (iOS), and we couldn’t find pricing for Android (but the app itself is free and contains ads.)

These are our recommendations for the best real estate video apps that you can use to enhance your social media standing and let potential clients discover you. There are millions of apps out there, and sometimes you just need to know where to search—or who to read to find the pearls hiding in the sea.

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