Certified Trainer Program

About the Console Cloud Certified Trainer Program

If you’re looking to be recognised as a Console Cloud expert trainer, grow your customer base and amplify your reach through the Australia and New Zealand property management industry, you’re on the right page. 

Our training partners receive a range of benefits, including exposure to our customers and opportunities to connect via digital, offline channels, events, the home of learning – Nebula.


If you are interested in becoming a certified training partner – register your interest to receive more information about the certification process.

Meet our Team

A dedicated Console Partnership manager will be in contact with you and walk you through Console Cloud and the pathway to certification.

Attend Training

Take part in our intensive remote or on-site training at Console HQ and learn about training for property management and trust accounting in Console Cloud. With hands on access to a Console Cloud training environment.

Pass Exam

Sit and pass the online Console Cloud exams and your Console Partnership manager will issue you with your accreditation.

Get Certified

With certification under your belt and a direct line to Console, plus ongoing partner support and education, you are set to deliver the latest insights and training in Console Cloud. 


Most frequently asked questions about the Console Cloud Trainer Certification program

Training is held online – and in-person at Console HQ (pending demand) once a quarter. Check the events calendar for the next intake.

Training sessions are held over two days to cover Property Management and Trust Accounting in Console Cloud.  You can expect each session to take 5 hours. Post training there are two exams to sit – please allow 2 hours for each exam.

There is an administration fee associated with the training program.  Your Console Partnership Manager will walk you through the program and any fees.

The certification as a Console Cloud Trainer is valid for 12 months from the date of accreditation issue.  It is reviewed annually based on your attendance and designated Console Cloud Partner education events.

Post initial certification training you will have access to a dedicated partnership manager at Console who will help you with questions, and feedback.  Our partners also have access to Nebula, knowledge base articles and videos, live chat support. Regular training events and webinars keep our training partners up to date with the latest in Console Cloud, ahead of when the Console public learn about them.

During your own training, you will have access to a Console Cloud training environment.  Once you are certified we will give you access to your own Console Cloud environment to use for your own training.