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Creating Commercial Properties

Emma 6 April 2021
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The Commercial Property allows you to track your property data such as Insurance, Compliance, tenancies and ownership, and keep track of other important information.

Properties can be grouped into a building or stand alone.

To create a new property, navigate to the Commercial landing page then choose Add New and select New Property

Begin typing the address to search for the property or select Enter Address Manually

Select or add the Owner for this property. 

*Note: If this property belongs to a building, ensure to select the owner as assigned to the building so that the new property can be grouped into the building.

Otherwise, if this property is stand alone or you haven’t added the owner into the system yet, you can add a new owner. 

Once done, enter the ownership details

When selecting the agency fees for the property, against the rent commission fee you have the option to charge the fee on the NET rent received, or if left unticked, it will be based on the GROSS rent received

Finalise the ownership details and select Save and View

You will then be taken to the Owner preview page. 

By selecting on the Property Hyperlink, you can add further information

When creating a property, an applications workflow will be triggered, you can go to the workflow to begin the application process.

Information of the property, such as the timeline, upcoming inspections, maintenance, added files, forms and notes are available from the top property menu. You can also choose to quickly email or SMS the Owner or Tenant (if added) for the property by selecting Message from the top right. 

Add New allows you to quickly access any action required relating to this property

Should you need to Edit the Property or mark it as Inactive, select the Ellipses tool to do so

Within the Property screen, you can Add photos and access information (such as key numbers)

Check keys in or out and add tasks

Scroll down to add Insurance and Compliance information for the property.

If you will be Oncharging water invoices for the tenant of the property, it’s important to add Water Efficiency as part of the Compliance of the property

Use the ellipsis tool to add Owner / Tenant Compliance.

*Note: Tenant compliance is available to add when a tenancy has been created for the property

You can group this property to a building if required through the building file