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Commercial Arrears List

Emma 23 June 2021
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About Console Cloud Commercial Arrears Workflow

Console Cloud Commercial Arrears workflow is part of the Commercial Add on. Please ensure this is activated to use it.

The workflow is designed for you to be able to manage your commercial arrears in one place. It tracks both rent arrears and invoice arrears.

Important information

  • Must have the Console Commercial add on activated

  • Commercial tenancies that are in arrears will appear Commercial Arrears list and will not be shown in the Rent Arrears workflow or be part of its automation.

Commercial Arrears Workflow List 

The Commercial Arrears workflow list allows you to view any commercial property that is currently in arrears.

Rent column

The Rent Column shows if the tenancy is in rent arrears.

Rent arrears are calculated based upon days in arrears. This is calculated on a daily basis, if the tenancy is 1 or more days in arrears they will appear on the list. If the tenancy has their rent invoiced and are in arrears they may have this indicated in both the rent and invoice arrears columns.

Invoice column 

Invoice arrears show any invoices that are past due. The number of days in the list indicates the most overdue invoice. The amount is a total of all outstanding invoices.  

Details Column


The details column shows the last action that has happened on the tenancy for the arrears. 

Filtering & Searching

At a glance give you a quick way to filter the list based on how many days in arrears the tenancy is for either Rent or Invoice arrears. Simply click on the filter to apply it and click it again to deactivate it.

Search for an individual tenancy by using the search box. 

Sort the records by number of days in arrears by click on the rent or invoice arrears column.

Sending a reminder 

When a tenancy is in arrears you can send reminders or messages. 

  1. To send a reminder click on the row.

  2. Click on “Message” in the drawer.

  3. You will then be able to send an arrears reminder for rent arrears or invoice arrears or sending a message.

    Rent arrears reminder will be a reminder based upon how many days in arrears the tenancy is. This option is only available if the tenancy is currently in rent arrears.

    Invoice arrears reminder will be a reminder based upon invoice past the due date. This option is only available if the tenancy currently has 1 or more invoices in arrears.

    Message is a free form message you can send to the tenants of the tenancy.

In this case will send an invoice reminder. Click on “Invoice Arrears Reminder”

  1. You will then be shown a message that will be sent to all tenants. You may modify the message. Each of the outstanding invoices will be attached to the message.

    Click “Send” when happy with the message

  2. A record of the message will be recorded in the arrears timeline as well as in the tenancies timeline.