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Managing Commercial Bonds & Generating Bond Reports

Emma 6 April 2021
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Tenant bond may be held internally, within your trust, or externally. 

When entering bond information within the tenancy agreement, you have the option to select how the tenants bond is currently held, either in trust, or held externally

If you choose held externally, you’ll have 4 options to select from for where that bond is held

Upon selecting one of the options, further options will become available to choose from so you can appropriately report on that bond. 

To see a full list of commercial bonds and where they’re held you can generate a Commercial Bond Listing report.

Select Accounts, then choose Reports

Select Commercial Bond Listing from the dropdown menu then choose download

A PDF and Excel document will then generate for you listing all current commercial bonds and their information

To make a bond payment as EFT or Cheque, select Accounts, then choose Payment

Select the Once-off payment option, then complete the payment details, selecting Commercial Bond as the type

Note Only bonds held internally can be drawn as a payment.