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Recurring Rent Invoices and Outgoings

Emma 6 April 2021
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When entering rent, select to include or exclude GST and enter the rent amount

Select if you’d like to create recurring rental invoices, select the checkbox then choose the date to send the next invoice on and the Invoice due date

Note: Console Cloud will display a warning if there are any issues with any of these dates

Select the period to show on the next invoice. This can be the current period or next if you invoice further in advance

Enter the amount due 

Select if you would like to add GST or not. This will be greyed out if you have not enabled GST on rent in the rent section of the Tenant agreement.

Note: If there is a gap between the paid to date and the due date, a warning will appear under the amount due section. This may be because you started a rent period halfway through the month. In this situation, you would manually invoice the tenant via Accounts then select Invoices, for this period.

A summary of what will happen will display in blue, please check this and all information before saving

You can then add a recurring outgoing invoice, once again select the dates and the period to show on the next invoice, you can also choose to Use Tenancy Rent Periods by selecting the check box.

By selecting Send Combined with Rent Invoices, the rent and outgoings will appear on the one invoice 

Select the dissection, enter the description and enter the amount 

Select Save and Next once done