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Welcome to Console Commercial

Emma 6 April 2021

The Commercial add-on allows you to manage a commercial portfolio of any size in Console Cloud, leveraging best-of-breed workflow automation with rock-solid trust accounting. 

You may find that with most dedicated commercial management systems, it’s common that they have too many features that are either too complicated to learn or you’re likely never to use them.

  • Recurring invoices for rent + outgoings
  • On-charge owner bills to tenants easily
  • Grouping properties by building for top-down budget allocation and tracking
  • Amortise budgets down to tenancies within a group
  • Capture and track insurance expiries, compliance obligations and maintenance activities, with automation taking care of follow up for expiring compliance items
  • Easily pay bills for owners that own multiple properties
  • Easy to read statements for commercial owners summarising their income and expenses for the period
  • and more….

Using Console Commercial, you can move away from desktop based applications. Console Cloud is an always-on web-based application that runs within a web browser and can be accessed anywhere in the world and at any time of the day so you can do away with expensive desktop PCs and Servers to run your commercial portfolio. 

Using advanced toplevel performance reporting allows principals key oversight into rent roll health, plus our advanced designs allow visibility across residential and commercial portfolios in one screen.

Console Commercial’s streamlined user interface is specifically designed to save each agent time; you can sit back and let the system automate daily recurring tasks for you. Our tenancy management screens are geared towards your most commonly performed tasks, plus you can save time by keeping all of your agency communications in one platform.

So let’s jump in and learn on how your agency can work to be proactive, profitable and efficient using Console Commercial. 

Console Commercial provides you with an easy to navigate user interface, where you can manage your Commercial portfolio without the need to navigate through a multitude of different screens. 

From the Properties menu, select Commercial

The Commercial Landing page displays a list of all of your Commercial properties and buildings. These can be filtered by Portfolio 

Or, you can quickly search for a property by using the Filter by Address search option

If your property list goes on to multiple pages you can use the arrows to navigate through each page

In the top right, you can add a new property or building through the Add New button, or selecting the download tool will allow you to export this view into CSV 

There are other filterable options available within this screen. 


By selecting Rent Review you can see a list of all tenancies with rent reviews coming up, their review type and the new rent amount and start date. This is taken from the tenancy agreement. You can select it from the list to then navigate to the tenant.

This can be exported to CSV by selecting the download tool 

By selecting Tenant Insurance or Compliance you will then be shown a list of all tenancy insurances and compliance that are due for renewal. This is taken from the tenancy agreement and any insurance added that is due for renewal in the next 90 days.

Select All to navigate back to the list of all Commercial properties