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Whether you’re a property manager, investor, or real estate agent, staying on top of property management news is important—especially when taking into consideration how fast this industry changes. And a great way to educate yourself about the current news and trends of the real estate world is by reading the best property management blogs online. 

But which ones are actually worth reading?

We’ve curated a list of what we feel are the property management blogs most worth your time. They cover property pricing trends, population impacts on the property market, and property management business excellence. 

Let’s dive in.

Best Property Management Blogs


CoreLogic currently maintains the single largest property database in Australia and New Zealand. Their website uses strong analytics to bring comprehensive property and collateral management data, deep market insights. Additionally, they y have a blog and news section with helpful resources and downloadable content.

Michael Yardney’s Property Update 

Michael Yardney is a long-time player in the market. He started writing a property investment newsletter back in 2001. Fast forward to 2020, and we have Michael Yardney’s Property Update: an amazing resource for news. 

Here, however, we wanted to highlight a specific section on the website covering property management. There’s advice on how and when to raise the rent on the properties you manage, common mistakes when choosing a property manager, vacancy rates, and more. He also has a podcast you can subscribe to.

Michael Yardney’s website also covers a variety of general topics. Not all are necessarily directly connected to property management, of course, but he offers advice on property development, the average cost of buying a house, and more—all very important stuff if you’re growing your career in property management.

Tip: head to the online store where you can order books and videos. Prices vary for digital and hardcopy versions, ranging between $3 and $30.

Residential Property Manager 

Alright, so here we have guys who are really focused on what matters—advice and tricks, apps and proptech (property technology) news, guides, and even a podcast. This does not come as too surprising, since Residential Property Manager is an extension of Real Estate Business, a very informative news website for real estate professionals.

Did we mention their podcast? Yes, we did. But it’s worth mentioning again. Aptly named Secrets of the Top 100 Agents, each episode of this podcast features a different high-performing real estate agent invited by the team to share their opinion on buying and selling property. Go over and subscribe. This site just gives and gives, and it’s really worth checking out. News 

While not a property management blog per se, has a section that deals with real estate news. They cover various topics of relevance to property managers, such as how families and other buyers search for and decide to buy or rent properties.

Elite Agent 

Elite Agent covers a broad variety of topics on all things real estate and property management via its print magazine, The Brief newsletter, and its weekly podcast. They provide advice on topics like how to attract new landlords, risks for property managers with parties in rentals, big issues that affect the industry, and anything else about the Australian real estate market you can imagine.  

Pricing: Their website content is of course free, but you can also subscribe to the Elite Agent magazine. Monthly subscription for its digital and printed versions is around $15, while annual subscriptions. for print-only editions will set you back $120 plus postage.

Your Investment Property Magazine 

Have you ever wondered how well rental yields are doing in your region, or if it is just your agency? What about news on new pet laws? Your Investment Property Magazine might have the answer.  Like Elite Agent, they have a free newsletter you can subscribe to, to stay in the loop.

The blog 

Our blog is dedicated to all things property management, productivity, business excellence, and proof-based product information. We aim to be the best property management blog in Australia and New Zealand.

If you’re looking for information about how to finetune your business for efficiency, productivity and profit, you’ve come to the right place. A final tip regarding our blog: if you sign up to our newsletter, we’ll send you a monthly round-up of our best content from the blog, and a monthly update on what we’ve released in Console Cloud. That means you’ll get a grand total two emails a month from us. No more, and no spam. Promise.

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