Roadmap to Success







Change Management

Complete Nebula "Upgrade Success" courseAll team understand benefits and have Nebula accounts?Enable Gateway ConnectConsole conducts trial migrations and informs clients what they need to do to clean up their data in the source systemIs your data ready for migration?Cloud office is created in production environment and final migration completedEnsure you're in balanceCompleted Impementation Plan - all tasksReview Management Agreement

- consider adding new fees for new managements (e.g. Inspection Fees, etc)

- owner contacts are consolidated for owners that have multiple properties (for consolidated statements)

- statement preferences are set

- bank account details are correct and funds split based on owner preferencesReview Tenant Agreements - ensure water usage charges are configured

- rent schedules are set (cannot be changed after transacting)

- "Charge agency fees on first rent receipt" set to OFF for migrating tenants so that owners do not get charged letting fees on the fisrt rent recieptNotify Owners & Tenants that you have exciting new software